3D Print in Gameengines

Over the Course of the past Months i was able to work for the Kompetenzzentrum Uni Siegen with 3D Printers and Gameengines, sadly mostly under Unity and less under my favourite Gameengine Godot 😀 now i can proudly announce, it’s all public under MIT License.

On the one Hand there is a small Interface for Octoprint, based on the REST-API and websockets the Interface attaches itself to the local Network and reads the Status of a 3D Printer for use in a Gameengine. This way a 3D Printer can be seen live in VR, i also build such an Interface in godot and tested it.

The only difficulty was, that i could not get a Mesh out of my GCODE, this was fixed in my second Project. It visualizes GCODE in Unity3D as a mesh and simplifies it for ease of use in the Hololens for example. The Visualization only works on the Cura slicer dialect due to me using the Cura-specific comments to split layers and GCODE-parts.

Global Gamejam 2019

For this year’s Global Gamejam i’ve been completely on my own, because my Hackspace sadly didn’t offer a Jamsite this year. I tried to livestream the Event, but after my Internetconnection broke down, i created a 2D Survival Game fitting the Theme “what home means to you”.

All Assets are made by me, i’ve played around with Noise a lot but due to the missing motivation from being on my own, the Game has gotten relatively small. I did however manage to read my Abilities better this year and the Game is playable and tested.
I also sketched a lot more this year. This Game is a performance hell though, due to the vast amount of lightsources, i created 8 for every house, and 16 for the home, just to emulate a lightsource with a radius.

The Sourcecode is here
The Executables will later go here

New Galleries & new Games

In the past Days a bit has changed, i added new flashy Images to preview the Games and added them to Galleries, i thought about bailing WordPress alltogether for some other framework but i’m missing the Time

New Homepage

Welcome to my new Homepage
this Site doesn’t exist since long.
I have since now created some small Games – bigger ones will come soon.