Global Gamejam 2019

For this year’s Global Gamejam i’ve been completely on my own, because my Hackspace sadly didn’t offer a Jamsite this year. I tried to livestream the Event, but after my Internetconnection broke down, i created a 2D Survival Game fitting the Theme “what home means to you”.

All Assets are made by me, i’ve played around with Noise a lot but due to the missing motivation from being on my own, the Game has gotten relatively small. I did however manage to read my Abilities better this year and the Game is playable and tested.
I also sketched a lot more this year. This Game is a performance hell though, due to the vast amount of lightsources, i created 8 for every house, and 16 for the home, just to emulate a lightsource with a radius.

The Sourcecode is here
The Executables will later go here